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  • Is It Fair to Expect Parents to Donate Money to Schools?

    Debbie Resnick and Steve Keener (CTA in Brief)

    Point/Counterpoint: Is it fair to expect parents to donate money to schools?Debbie Resnick, Steve Keener No Parents in more affluent school districts should not be asked or expected to donate money...

  • Taxes Under the Affordable Care Act

    Arlene Roper (Member Benefits)

    There are a lot of concerns out there about taxes, penalties and other changes under the ACA. I will try to answer some of those questions.1. Will I be paying taxes on my healthcare benefits? No....

  • A New System of Assessments; New Possibilities

    The Special EDge (Special Education)

    The Common Core State Standards require a new system of student assessments for the state. How will these assessments accommodate the diverse needs of California's students with disabilities?When imagining the...

  • Grievance February 2014

    Marcella Cook & Gail Allmo (Grievance)

    Current Grievances at GTHSSafety- Feb. 20,2014Class size- March 12,2014 Reminder: Grievances are filed for contract violations....not other members Informal Grievance: Purpose of the informal...

  • What's an Email?

    Lucas Drake (Technology)

    When I began teaching in 2000, the internet was just becoming a buzzword in academic circles. Every credentialing program had “it”, but it wasn’t that easy for schools to get it. The first lesson...

  • President's February Message 2014

    A.C.E (President's Message)

    “Change is the only constant.” -Heraclitus, Greek Philosopher, 5th Century BC. This quote could not be more true this year. It may seem like everything has changed: funding formulas, class size,...

  • Educators Survival Guide

    Cindy Long (NEA in Brief)

    Life is unpredictable. Fortunately, The Complete Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook can prepare you for the unexpected. You never know when you might have to escape from quicksand, wrestle an...

  • FT Grants For Educators and Chapters

    A.C.E (Extra Credit)

    The CTA Institute for Teaching has established a competitive grant program for CTA members and chapters to support strength-based, teacher-driven reform for students and public schools.The grant...

  • Health Care MOU

    A.C.E (Member Benefits)

    Below is the a copy of the Health Care MOU.


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