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  • Grievance February 2015

    A.C.E (Grievance)

    Article 12.8.6. Grievance filed: 8/27/2014Settled: Jan. 28, 2015Member requested remedy was granted. Irreconcilable differences between unit members and/or the administration for just cause. The...

  • NEA: The Great Public Schools Network

    NEA (NEA in Brief)

    Have you heard of the Great Public Schools Network? It is a partnership between the NEA and to bring public school educators together to share ideas and resources. From the NEA:The...

  • Motivational Strategies

    Valerie Cover (Extra Credit)

    We all have had a class, a student, or just a particular time of the year, where we want to pull our hair out because there is a student or students who just sit. No matter what you say or how many...

  • NEA Member Benefits

    A.C.E (Member Benefits)

     Have you been to lately? Did you know NEA has a Pet Insurance Program? It also offers specialty insurance for Motorcycles, Recreational Vehicles, Boat & Personal Watercraft, and...


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