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  • CTA: Stop Staples

    CTA (CTA in Brief)

    Stop Staples' no-bid deal between the office-supply chain and the U.S. Postal Service. Support our brothers and sisters of the American Postal Workers Union in protest of the outsourcing and...

  • Health Benefits

    Arlene Roper (Member Benefits)

    Medical benefits are always a hot topic of conversation. We all know what we want in our benefits and we know what we need when we go to the doctor. But, do we really understand the terms and plans...

  • They Know More Than You Do

    Lucas Drake (Technology)

    Many of you may be sitting there with an iPhone in your pocket right now. Did you know it is probably marking where you are sitting? That it has probably been tracking that movement as long as...

  • President's November 2014

    Robert Lemoine (President's Message)

    The holiday season is upon us. Hopefully your break will or was enjoyable. A lot is going on in your union, so let’s get right to the news: First of all, the election is over. We were able to...

  • NEA: Nearly Half of Teachers Consider Leaving Profession Due to Standardized Teasting

    Tim Walker (NEA in Brief)

    U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan recently conceded that too much standardized testing was “sucking the oxygen out of the room” and causing “undue stress.” Although the nation’s educators may...

  • Teacher Tips: Brain Breaks

    Claudina Flores (Extra Credit)

    Ever notice how students get that glazed look on their faces when you are teaching standard after standard and moving along with the school day? Well, an easy solution for that might be to give...

  • Plan That Vacation

    Lucas Drake (Member Benefits)

    The Holidays are coming up, and you should more free time outside of the classroom. CTA offers a series of benefits beyond insurance. Did you know you can get discounted rates for Disneyland,...

  • Shout Out

    Janice Marcano (Shout Out)

    Shout out to David Brunkhorst and Lisa Nicolay.  The CHS NJROTC and Band did an awesome job as a part of the Colton High School team hosting Vice President Joe Biden, 31st Congressional District...


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